Hollow Core Doors

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pussyfoot | 11:44 Thu 01st Nov 2018 | Interiors
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Hi I have just had all of my doors replaced by carpenter. Some of the doors needed trimming, now the jobs finished I've noticed that some doors don't have a bottom piece so the hollow is open at the bottom. I'm worried that they may eventually get pulled apart running over the carpet or am I worrying unnecessarily. Thank you all for helping me.


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Hollow section needs to be replaced.
Read this and scroll down to section 9

I would suggest your carpenter was incompetent.
Don't much care for hollow doors. Came across one recently with an issue with the bathroom door catch/lock; discovered hardly anything to screw the door lock latch assembly into :-( Everything seems cheap/low quality these days.
I’d get him back to finish the job properly, they shouldn’t have been left like that. The wooden fillet should have been replaced or the bottom of the door will be weakened and prone to damage.

SlackAlice and Ratty are right - if you have to remove enough from the bottom of a door to expose the cavity, you need to take the fillet from the bit cut off and fix it back inside the cavity. If the chippie has thrown it away you should insist he replaces the door at his own cost.
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Thank you all very much, this is what I thought but I wanted to make sure.
Bless you all x

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Hollow Core Doors

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