What's Your Ideal Kitchen?

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anthro-nerd | 10:33 Thu 17th May 2018 | Interiors
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We live in a rental and the landlords are replacing the kitchen! It should be finished today, white chrome with a black worktop. It's going to look very modern!

As it's a rental we didn't have a say in the design, which is fine of course, but made me think, what would other people's idea of the perfect kitchen be?

Open plan / ultra modern / country kitchen...


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Country kitchen. I think modern kitchens now look cold and unwelcoming. Same as bathrooms. Black white and grey reminds me of public loos. But each to his own. But black white and grey is fashionable and very soon fashions change.
Mine is Cherry wood units with slate effect worktops, tiles and vinyl floor and silver appliances. All designed and chosen by myself!
Friends of mine put a new kitchen in last year. Everything is silver except the kettle, toaster and 3 bar stools which are red. If I bought a house with a kitchen like that, I`d change it. It looks far too industrial for my taste - I like a kitchen to be homely.
Mine would be quirky, maybe some free standing units in washed wood effect.

However I too am in a rental and although I had a limited choice of colour, I had to leave them to it.
Went out for the day and on my return they had done the bare minimum (no real surprise) and fitted cupboards only and no drawers!

Never mind eh.

Yours sounds lovely.
I regret putting a black counter on - my problem - counter wont wash well - after thinking it was quartz - it is only vinyl which means no matter how I clean it the counter looks mottled.
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Huge, with a big table and chairs , a range style oven at least two freezers and a big fridge, a professional espresso machine, breadmaker, masses of cupboards, wine racks etc. Ideally colourful wipe clean units and glossy dark work surfaces. I have a little kitchen but a girl can dream
Large farmhouse - cream and wood, a red Aga, central workstation, all mod cons but lots of nods to the past like welsh dresser style plate displays, wine racks, prints of farm animals on the wall, maybe a string of hops somewhere ;-)
I could live with a variety of styles but absolutely NO black worktops (granite or otherwise) and definitely no b***** island to walk round all the time. And there has to be room for a sofa!
Kiri de Kanawa, with nout on but a pinny, baking a meat and potato pie.
Large/spacious, loads of FREE granite worktop, loads of storage, with traditional mid oak doors. Double sink, American style fridge/freezer, range oven. Room for table in centre. Traditional larder. Laundry area in separate room. Stone floors, nice tiling on walls. Probably more if I thought about it.
I'm very lucky. I've almost got my dream kitchen. Big open plan but country style. Granite topped island. Exposed stone work. Dresser and table. Double doors into garden. No aga tho, but I can live without that.
It's all a bit dim and distant now but I seem to remember Peter Sarsted singing the praises of that particular cooking range and its superior performance compared to more modern cookers with the line:

You know the Aga can. :-)
Country kitchen and industrial together. a large open country kitchen with industrial type equipment, a large island to work from and marble work surface.
Chunky free standing units, huge fireplace at one end, range cooker at the other. Stone floor, big window, sofa, scrubbed pine table, dog, cat, dappled sunlight, plants.
Instead I've got a tiny,ancient kitchen that needs ripping out.
Know the feeling Pasta, I would love a huge kitchen with a table that could seat 6 with ease. Got a tiny galley kitchen that's about 20 years old and needs ripped out. Been thinking about it for ages but not sure if I could stand the upheaval at the moment.
I've recently replaced my old kitchen, new one is real wood, solid oak work tops and flooring, island with Belfast sink, aga stove, American fridge freezer, big drawers, no top cupboards, just some shelving made from the same wood as the work tops, French windows leading to the courtyard and I absolutely love it.
What is this thing about islands in the middle of the working bit of the kitchen??? A big table and a sofa in the socialising bit - yes, but an island to navigate round while I'm actually cooking - definitely no!

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