Prevent Curtains From Being See-Through

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kirstybeebee | 11:01 Sun 19th Mar 2017 | Interiors
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I have some new curtains that are a crisp plain white. I really like the curtains, but a problem I have is that even though the curtains also have a white lining, from the outside, they are a bit see-through.

The window is quite wide and I am thinking of just buying something like a white vertical blind and have the blind over the window with the slats open during day to allow plenty of natural light, but when I have the room light on at night, I will then first close the blinds and then close the curtains as well to have a double layer of cover to ensure I have complete privacy.

Do any of you have this combination or do you think that this would work well?


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A roller blind would work as well and would be practically invisible when not in use.
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If you google blinds with curtains,plenty of ideas come up...
Well,that ^^^^wasn't supposed to happen...:-(
Google link addresses are getting dafter and dafter.
Thinking outside the box pasta.
That's not the one,Scorpiojo...but it will do. ;-)
Like O_G says,Google links are huge monsters.
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I was also considering a roller blind, just thought that a vertical blind with slats might be useful for if I want to blot out some sunlight at certain times of the day yet still leave the room looking bright. I'm not sure how dark a roller blind might make a room look if closed during the day?
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We have virtually the same set up that you're referring to.
We have vertical blinds and have them angled at approx 45 degrees during the day, so we get plenty of light and no one can see in.
We opted for blinds instead of net curtains - just don't like them.
At night time, we close the blinds and close the curtains as well. To be honest, our curtains are quite thick, so we don't really need the blinds, but we use them for our privacy during the day.
Yes, I can.
^^yes jo, me too. Weird isn't it?
Yes kirsty, it is up to you how far you pull it down or not, during the daytime. You can have whatever effect you want if you get a white/off white coloured one. You can see these in many interior design magazines from small flats to grand houses.
Thanks, both...v strange :)
Just a personal thing for me but I always think vertical blinds suit an office better than a house.

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Prevent Curtains From Being See-Through

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