Prevent Curtains From Being See-Through

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kirstybeebee | 11:01 Sun 19th Mar 2017 | Interiors
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I have some new curtains that are a crisp plain white. I really like the curtains, but a problem I have is that even though the curtains also have a white lining, from the outside, they are a bit see-through.

The window is quite wide and I am thinking of just buying something like a white vertical blind and have the blind over the window with the slats open during day to allow plenty of natural light, but when I have the room light on at night, I will then first close the blinds and then close the curtains as well to have a double layer of cover to ensure I have complete privacy.

Do any of you have this combination or do you think that this would work well?


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Never met one of those !
I have various combinations, Kirsty.......the large, south facing window has slighly see through verticals so I can have varying degrees of light......and a black roller blind to pull down over them when I have the lights on...or part way when the sun is strong....

My bedrooms have blackout dark brown roller blinds behind dark brown curtains....with dark lining.....I like the dark to sleep!

Both roller and vertical work very well for what I want and there are some really attractive vertical blinds in different fabrics now.....including white....x
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Yes I can scroll across, though in Google Chrome an advert covers some of the spread out link but in IE explorer I can see the full link. Not to worry lol.
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Yes Gizmonster I like the idea of the blinds and curtains set-up like you have. It's a good point you make about having your vertical blind at a 45° angle during day time just to give you some extra privacy and then to close both the blinds and curtains at night. If I do go for a vertical blind, I may try leaving the blind fully open during the day as I do like the room to be very light.

The difference I have to you is that you close both the blinds and the curtains at night even though you don't really need the blind because your curtains are an ample thickness, where as mine are not so I would need to close both to ensure I have complete privacy.

I'm having some friends round for an evening shortly, so I'm looking to get this sorted quite quickly, I guess it won't take long, it's just a matter of me not taking too long over deciding which type of blind to go for!
A quick fix would be to get some blackout linings that attatch to the curtain header tape.
They attach using curtain hooks .. just like the curtain.

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Thanks ladybirder, I will need to take close look the roller blinds. Somehow I'd thought that a roller blind might just make my room look dark if it were partially closed during the day, but it may do what I want so I'll take a look at them.
I would go for the vertical blinds as you can open them and hide them behind the curtains. A roller blind will always be 'on show'.

Plus, I think that vertical blinds will be easier to keep clean.
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Thank you gness, yes there are indeed lots combinations and different options, I will go and take a close look.
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Ladybirder, I know where you are coming from when you think vertical blinds suit an office better than a house. However from having a look around, there are now lots of different styles which I didn't think had that feel. It's all just personal taste of course!
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Thanks for the tip about the blackout linings Alavahalf. Something like that may be useful until I can sort out a blind.
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Prevent Curtains From Being See-Through

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