Popped Round To An Elderly Friend's Today For A Cup Of Tea And A Chat

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Tilly2 | 20:57 Tue 14th Mar 2017 | Interiors
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and she kept apologising for the fishy smell in the house. They had had smoked haddock last night for tea and the house did smell rather fishy.

Any tips for getting rid of food odours other than lighting a Price's Cook's Candle?


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I find Catscan (cat litter) absorbs smells.
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From the house, or just from the litter tray, Tambo?
Anywhere. I fill socks for my fridge/freezer/toilet/anywhere I do have cat trays for my cats as well.
We find it works to cut an onion in half and put one or more piece where one wants to neutralise an unwanted odour - for example this works particularly well against residual cigarette stench.
I'll try anything - half an onion it is, plus catisan scattered around. I love making the occasional curry......... but the scent is with us for days. :(
Neutradol,it's amazing,it has a neutral smell that gets rid of (rather than cover) most smells.
I'd prefer the smell of smoked fish to Neutradol.
Loads of fresh air. You can also simmer lemon or orange skins uncovered.
Put a tablespoon of ordinary vinegar in a saucer/small bowl and place that on top of the fish as soon as it comes out of the fridge/freezer.
Works wonders!
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Thank you for your suggestions.

Loads of fresh air would be my option but they are an elderly couple who would worry about heating bills and open windows.

Quiz, do you put the vinegar in the oven, with the fish?
Hi, friend hairdresses at home and sometimes the perm solution can linger so she uses Oust......she pronounces it Oooost and I reckon Owst....but it certainly works and doesn't have a smell of its own......just shifts the other smells......x
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Thanks, Gness. I've not heard of that. I'll look out for it .
you can't beat a good old Trump for getting rid of other smells
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I don't know what to say to that, Ron.
I always use catsan litter in my cats' tray and I've never noticed it stops other smells in fact one of my girls manages to make the whole house honk when she does a special.
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Open the windows, Prudie!
Tilly, no, we just leave the vinegar-dish out in the kitchen during the cooking of the fish and for a while thereafter.
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Thank you, Quiz. That works then?
Always has for us, Tilly, and the added advantage is that pretty-well every household will have a bottle of vinegar in the kitchen.
Cat-litter may work beautifully but - if you haven't got a cat - you're unlikely to have cat-litter. In addition, I'm not sure I could avoid thinking of the association of food and the purpose of cat-litter! Clearly others can.

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Popped Round To An Elderly Friend's Today For A Cup Of Tea And A Chat

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