Brown Wrapping Tape Stuck To Wood

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anaxcrosswords | 13:06 Fri 22nd Nov 2013 | Interiors
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The legs of a dining table I've just assembled were wrapped together using that brown parcel tape stuff, and because it was cold overnight a lot of it has stuck very hard to the legs.
A friend has recommended using nail varnish remover, but the wooden legs are varnished.
Will it cause damage, and is there an alternative way to remove it?


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Try heating it with a hair dryer to soften the glue.
I've been told that a sticky ball of tape rubbed on the residue works but not tried it.
An oil based solvent remover yu can get in DIY shops should do it?
Try meths or white spirit 1st. The acytone in the nail varnish remover could damage the varnish on the legs.
Lakeland stock a "sticky stuff remover" which they claim is okay to use on paintwork and a lot of other surfaces. Google for it.
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Thanks all - and thanks Bert; that's particularly handy as I have a Lakeland just down down the road.
Try your local corner discount store. They usually have the same stuff as Lakeland, but far cheaper.

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Brown Wrapping Tape Stuck To Wood

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