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Mr-H | 18:46 Fri 08th Feb 2013 | Interiors
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My gas boiler is almost (if not over) 30 years old and therefore is almost certainly inefficient. I have been looking at Johnny Ball's TV advert, and wonder what people think of it? Is it a con?


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These things aren't necessarily a con, Mr H. It's just marketing.
Worcester Bosch are good boilers. No problem there. In their onscreen example, you'll be paying a total of around £2,600 @ 11.9% APR.

Cheaper with cash of course. It's a matter of comparing loan deals if you don't have the cash.
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It's just that when I 'do the math' as suggested by Johnny Ball, it points to a saving of about £20 per month on an average gas spend of £70. Also it says that with a 10 yr warranty there is a further saving of the maintenance contract which could be another £15. Just sounded too good to be true.
I've got a Worcester condensing boiler - we're very pleased with it.
I had my Worcester 240 (discontinued in 1998) upgraded last year to a Worcester Greenstar 28i. Very pleased. It works well and the house is lovely and warm. What we also notice is that we do not need to run the hot tap for as long before the hot water actually comes through. We had it installed last year for £1650 all in. It was extra because we also needed a new gas pipe to meet with the new regulations that have since come into practice since the last install apparently.
That's what I've got, coffee
The only thing that i would say is that my maintenance contract covers not just the boiler but the radiators, rad valves, tank and timers, switches and so on. If the warranty only covers the boiler, I'd still have to pay to cover the rest
No it's not a con, they will fit you a boiler with a 10 year manufacturer backed garantee, they are the only company offering it at the moment. You don't have to pay over the 10 year period and can pay it off at any time.
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I currently have an Ideal Mexico boiler, circa 1985(?) in a micro-bore system. At least 1 (possibly 2) radiators will need to be replaced; the micro-bore system may also need changing. I just hear 'kerching' and it seems to get louder and louder! However, I might just have to bite the bullet during the summer/autumn period and any thoughts that folk can supply can only be helpful in that decision. THANKS.

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