Radiator Flush again!! need more info please!

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Icemaiden23 | 20:16 Tue 07th Feb 2012 | Interiors
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Have just had our boiler repaired (again) and been informed that the radiators will need flushed as they are full of brown sludge. The house is only 5 years old and the repair man said that there had never been any inhibitor added. We have had the boiler repaired around 10 times now, which is a lot in itself, and this has never been mentioned before. Just looking for some advice as the quote for the powerflush is over £700. We have had an annual service plan with the same company for 4 years. Should the housebuilders have ensured that the system had inhibitor in the first place? Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.


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yes, they should have, however you are on a hiding to nothing trying to get the builders to pay for it. They employ half qualified monkeys to fit the systems, have them open and collecting all the crap and dust of the day then never make sure they are flushed through with clean water never mind anything else, then you have to fork out £700 to BG to get it flushed as the radiators are full of crap and debris and there is probably air getting in somewhere too. rant over lol!!
Some of us do a decent job.

I don't believe what they saw .. Most of the time this is a scaremongery/money-making ruse.
Fill the system with normal water. Run it hot for a day, then drain thoroughly. Then add a container of Fernox inhibitor (on-line or P Merchants for about £16)
Rads will get some BLACK gritty iron deposits in bottom .. sure. That is normal in un-inhibited systems after a few years .. But this system is not old enough to be a problem.
I am sure there are some good guys out there Al - our house however was put together by some chimps on a day out from the zoo :o) There is not a straight radiator, light switch or wall in the place and the pipework is a mess, the electrics not much better and the floor underneath the carpets had to be seen to be believed! We have a big list of "non standard" items on the BG warrantly - including plastic pipes being used where there should be copper and not enough room being left between the outside vent and the wooded soffits of the garage roof..... my judgement is probably a bit clouded...
Probably not : )

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Radiator Flush again!! need more info please!

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