What is the best compost to buy for growing herbs and veg in tubs

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woozer | 23:45 Thu 03rd Feb 2011 | Gardening
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I have had to give up my allotment but would like to grow some fresh food in pots in my garden any tips much appreciated


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According to the Herb Society, John Innes No. 3 (or No. 2) is what you need:

depends on what you want to grow really woozer, but a good quality multi use compost should be fine, as long as you feed the crop regularly!.....
Pretty much any good soil or multi purpose. Also the more vigorous the plant the larger the pot, don't forget the food and especially the water.
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Thanks for your help chaps - that link if very good thanks Chris
Whatever compost you buy you'll need to ensure that it is regularly added to in term of nutrition. Either buy a bag of ready composted fertiliser from the garden centre and dig some into your containers every spring before you start planting, or the other alternatively is to use chicken manure pellets which can be bought in tubs from garden centres. At the end of the growing season I also dig in my kitchen waste such as potato peelings, banana skins, apple cores, etc. into the compost in the containers and let it all rot down over the winter to provide some humus. The tumbling tomatoes I've grown in pots fertilised this way have done really well because this helps to retain the moisture in the compost. . The better the quality of your container compost, the better vegetables you will grow.

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What is the best compost to buy for growing herbs and veg in tubs

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