Tree to soak up water in ground?

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CiderMonkey | 12:23 Tue 26th Oct 2010 | Gardening
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Our garden is very damp and because of this, on most mornings the grass is full of slugs, which I have a slight phobia of. (Although, they were quite handy in eating the fungus that grew!).
I have wondered if putting a small tree at the end that soaked up water would help make the grass less wet and hopefully therefore less slugs.
What would be even better, would be if it was a tree that produced fruit. Has anyone got any ideas


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Apple or pear probably the best. Get one on a dwarfing rootstock. You can also get apple trees with more than on variety grafted onto the rootstock.
Deosn't grow fruit, but a weeping willow is good for absorbing water.
Weeping Birch ... Very attractive, but no fruit.
Salix Contorta maybe.
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thank you for the answers!
Sycamore and chestnuts drink a lot ..
Poplar and Willow can damage drainage systems.

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Tree to soak up water in ground?

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