which fruit tree is best to buy?

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pinkcowprint | 09:52 Mon 11th Oct 2010 | Gardening
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i bought my godson an apple tree for his christening,which his mum loves and has done lots of baking with,she has just had a daughter and would like to buy her one,(they have lots of land),but what would be best to buy taking into count the winter months coming?would this matter?i was thinking berries of some kind,or any other suggestions will help!thanks


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a plum would be nice....or a cherry both can go in now while the soil is still warm
Or a pear tree. My pear trees are producing loads this year and they're so juicy. All trees can be planted early November, if they're in a pot they can be planted all year round.
Another suggestion would be a peach tree, as with the pink fruit this should suit a little girl.
A plum or a pear would be good if they like them
You don't mention what part of the country your in so safe bet would be a pear as they are pretty hardy.
How about a quince - almost impossible to buy as fruit, too bitter to eat raw so needs to be cooked, but the flesh turns a girly pink colour when cooked.
I get lovely fruit from my peach tree every year and prior to that a lovely blossom - I live in London and I am SW facing so it does get lots of sun...

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which fruit tree is best to buy?

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