looking after a Pyracantha bush

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murraykevin3 | 21:00 Sun 10th Oct 2010 | Gardening
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Last year there were plenty of berries but towards the end of the summer the plant started to loose leaves, this year some of the branches didnt grow any leaves ,there were no flowers and about ten berries. the bush stands about one metre tall and is growing beside a wall. It has the sun all day long. The bush was bought as a present and is only two years old. What am I doing wrong.


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it could be the cause of drought if it is not getting enough water. They also suffer from Fireblight which is a disease which would cause browning and leaf drop.
I had this problem when I planted a Pyracantha near a wall and I dug it up and put a sheet of plastic between the wall and the plant as the wall was absorbing any moisture into it quicker than the plant could use it. I feed mine with Fish, Blood and Bone Fertiliser in the winter and water regularly in the summer and it`s now covered in orange berries facing in a easterly direction.

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looking after a Pyracantha bush

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