Windbreak Evergreens

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Matheous-2 | 22:16 Mon 19th Jul 2010 | Gardening
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Can anyone suggest a fast growing evergreen to fill a three metre gap where the wind accelerates through between our shed & garage (west to east)?


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laurel or escallonia if you want something prettier
A Leylandii, but you will have to keep it under control, as they grow real fast.
Noooooooooo no leylandii they are useless for wildlife, hard to maintain and wind burn badly when young...if you must have a conifer use mixed planting and put a couple of Yew in, they will grow slowly so when the others die of old age the yew will fill the gaps..
Bamboo is great as a windbreak but you must put it in containers as it is rampant.
What ever you put in will take time to grow unless you buy tall expensive shrubs and even they they time to fill out . I have had similar problems and I found the answer was to put in a wooden fence and then plant shrubs against it. I found that variagated shrubs are the most attractive in the long run and from a wind break point of view and easy cutting, smallish leaves are best .
They also look the neatest when trimmed.
You have asked for a fast growing evergreen, not a haven for wild life, and if you have a pair of sheers to trim it once a year, Leylandii will suit your purpose, just don`t cut it too far into itself when it thickens out as otherwise it will die-back and not look nice. Any soil will suit it.

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Windbreak Evergreens

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