Identity of a pretty weed .

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modeller | 21:53 Sat 05th Jun 2010 | Gardening
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I have a very pretty weed which blooms for months on end . The flowers open up with the early morning sun and close when it gets dark. It grows into clumps with quite shallow roots . The leaves are like big clover leaves about 3.5 cm across. The flowers are pink with 5 petals. both leaves and flowers are on 12cm stems . The whole plant is cushion shaped. At the moment they are growing around my willow tree despite the dry soil. and partial shade . I recently saw similar ones in a friend's garden but the leaves were still like clover but the edges were serrated. I have looked through wild flower books without success . Any ideas what this plant is ? Oh it is quite hardy and lives through our winter wihout dying back.


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Similar question asked recently, could this be it?

Yes, others are correct, and it is perennial and will grow just about anywhere. It`s really a weed and once you have it it`s a devil to get rid of as it has tiny corms which will remain in the soil and spread, but like you say, it`s pretty.
however the other poster was desperate to get hold of some.... perhaps could get in touch and arrange to post a few corms
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Thank you very much I tracked it down to ; Oxalis Debilis.
It likes dry soils which is why it thrives under my willow tree. It does grow from bulbils although I have never found any . I have not found it a problem as a weed as it is easily pulled up and only appears in dry areas where I am mostly happy to leave it . Any plant that blooms from May to Sept has my vote.
I know it, I first saw it growing in rockeries on Jersey, very attractive.
I have the bronze version with yellow flowers, haven't actually looked up which it is, but it gets absolutely everywhere including in my houseplants. Goodness knows how!
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What has surprised me that when you look in Google for Oxalis Debilis not only do they show other colours but some have leaves that close up and some have a differrent type of leaf entirely. I suppose there must be a considerable variation. I also came across a web site selling the seeds.
Prudie I assume it was in the house plant soil . I would have thought it would have been to wet .
It gets in the conservatory plants where the soil dries out quickly, I guess it blows in when the doors are open in the summer.
Prudie, I have the bronze and yellow version all over my garden, it's a smaller version than the pink one but yes you are right, it does look exactly the same. It grows wherever it can find a bit of dust to root in!

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Identity of a pretty weed .

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