Akebia not looking good!!

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ness1301 | 22:19 Mon 22nd Jun 2009 | Gardening
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I have planted an Akebia on a south facing wall, yes I know that was not a good idea as it should be on a north facing wall but it is too late now. Anyway it has about 4 feet of new growth this year and looked really healthy until 3 weeks ago. Now the leaves are going yellow and have brown spots on some of them. Is this because it is getting too much sun , too much water or not enough perhaps. Is it too late to do something about it? Help please!!


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Is it a five leafed Akebia? They don't like too much sun and need a well-drained soil. The only thing you can do is either transplant it or put a quick growing plant near it and make sure it doesn't get too much water.
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Thanks for that...Yes it is a five leafed akebia... dont think I can transplant it very easily. It is well drained soil and the roots and about 1 foot up are in shade. The leaves are going mottled now and its not looking too good... what about feeding it?
No, they don't like feeding. Is there any possibility is has been sprayed with something? or weedkiller has been used nearby?
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No, its definatley not been sprayed with anything and no weedkiller as we have just done the garden from scratch after building a new extension. Not unless the neighbours have used anything and it has crept under or over the fence. Guess I will have to wait and see what happens.

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Akebia not looking good!!

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