Rash from cutting conifers

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Booldawg | 20:51 Sat 25th Apr 2009 | Gardening
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What do conifers contain that brings me out in a rash?

Theres a huge conifer hedge that myself and a few neighbours have tackled this weekend and we've all come up in a rash on our forearms.


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No doubt your arms get covered with all the little bits, so could it be something in the resin???
I`ve never had any rashes with my Leylandii hedge in twenty years so it must be peculiar to whatever hedge you have. Have you sprayed it with any type of chemical lately?
If you're noticing any yellow dust around, it's likely the pollen from the evergreen... just about the right time of the year, at least here in the U.S. This is the substance most people are allergic to...
if you've been cutting a yew at all, they're quite poisonous.
if it is Yew - update your tetanus jab.
And cypress trees emit a sticky residue that you may be allergic to. Best to keep covered up, wear a mask or not go near them.
Conifer sap is one of the more usual allergies Booldawg.
I also am allergic to it; I inherited 4 conifers in my present garden so twice a year I have to be covered from head to toe when I prune them to avoid any contact with cut bits. This is OK as long as the weather is not too hot lol.
You will find that each time you are in contact with the sap your reaction will get worse and last longer.
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Thanks for the answers - especially to madmaggot who has confirmed my allergy! You're right - I cut some a few weeks back and had a minor rash. Now its lasted since saturday and left tiny scabs where the rashes were :-(

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Rash from cutting conifers

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