Using copper wire to stop Slugs and Snails going into hanging baskets

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ringring37 | 21:09 Sat 23rd Feb 2008 | Gardening
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Last year my daughter made me up 2 hanging baskets and I promised that I would look after them (water them regularly!!) which I was doing. The flowers just seemed to be dying despite my watering and one night I saw slugs and snails going James Bond style up the wall across the bracket and into the baskets. My daughter wants to replant them this year for me for Mother's Day, but I don't want a repeat performance, getting accused of plant neglect by an 11 year old

I read somewhere that slugs and snails won't go over copper because it gives them a small electrical shock.

Has anyone heard of this and does it work?

Where can I get copper wire from ?


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Never heard of this before. I cant see how copper wire would give an electric shock unless it was plugged in!!

You could just sprinkle some slug pellets onto the basket.

People have had mixed results with it...some swear it works, some have photos of slugs climbing over copper pipe.

This might give you a few ideas action=display&board=chat&thread=3940&page=1
Keep all your egg shells and crush them up as small as possible, then sprinkle over compost. Also if you are vegitarian put some sharp gravel around plants. The reason they don`t like copper is it attacks their slime. Have you ever put your tongue on a piece of copper like and old penny for instance? They don`t like it either.
You can buy rolls of copper 1 - 2cm wide for wrapping around plant pots, if they are moving across the arm of the bracket, use that area to put sharp stuff on. Glue crushed eggshell all around (it shouldn't show too much if they are up high) and they won't like crossing that.
If you are a real fanatic, get out there at night (specially when its wet) with your torch and a flat tool and flip them into a container to take away. Ducks,birds and foxes love them. I was completely slug and snail free last year after a regular evening walk around. The snail trails shining will give you a clue where they are likely to be ha ha

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Using copper wire to stop Slugs and Snails going into hanging baskets

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