Growing Lettuce/Endive For Beginners.?

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cleoval | 23:14 Mon 20th Jun 2022 | Gardening
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hi i am a beginner to growing veg. i want to grow lettuce/Endive from seeds in planters. What do i use in the planters please for success.? Do i use multi purpose compost. ? Thanks.


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Yes, if you want to grow them in their final position, sow thinly then cover with a thin layer of compost. Try not to wash the seeds into one area when you water them in. thin them out as thy grow.
As chip says try not to wash them into the same area when watering.
You can wet the soil - then sow on top of the wet soil cover with dry soil then use an old milk carton with holes punched in to sprinkle water on top.
I have covered pots over with cling film before to stop the birds getting the seeds and it helps with germination too.
Good luck - its very addictive

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Growing Lettuce/Endive For Beginners.?

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