Houttuynia Cordata

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maggiebee | 14:30 Sun 13th Mar 2022 | Gardening
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How can I get rid of Houttuynia cordata in my garden? I have only recently identified this plant which is beautiful but extremely invasive and is taking over a border. Any advice appreciated.


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Eat it.
It is also known as Fish Mint and is popular in salads in India.
I'd certainly give it a go.
Fish mint eh? There's a reason that Wrigleys don't do Doublemint with a hint of haddock. :-)

The recommended treatment is to dig it out and incinerate what you lift. It may take a while to remove completely, if ever, because of how it grows in that it spreads from underground rhizomes and can root from broken stems and pieces of plants that fall to the ground.
Question Author
Thanks folks; don't fancy eating it so sounds like I'm in for a long dig.
/// don't fancy eating it ///

What a shame - it conjured up visions of you down on all fours in the garden grazing like a ruminant :-)
Why not try it in salads?...or stirfried.
I'm unsure as to whether you'll find this interesting or simply depressing, Maggie ;-)
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Thanks for that link Chris. Looks like I've got a lot of work ahead. I've already dug out loads of this plant's rhizomes over the past few years but still it comes back. Must dig deeper. One thing I will look into is the disposal of these rhizomes as I've always just put them into my brown recycling bin. They'll be taking over the city!!
That's like reading The Day of the Triffids.
I’m getting worried now. I planted some a few years ago and it didn’t come to much. Now I think it has just been waiting for the right time to take over the garden. I won a battle against acanthus (so far) so I’m up to the challenge :-)
What I would do, is treat it like other invasive plants/ weeds, which have underground creeping stems (rhizomes) keep digging them out, and you should beat it in the end.

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Houttuynia Cordata

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