Radish Root Split

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Chipchopper | 07:00 Mon 14th Jun 2021 | Gardening
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Harvesting the crop, I noticed a few of the globe radishes, had this deformity.
The crop had grown very fast and the split occurred at the base of the veg, next to the taproot.


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You have too "Stiff" a soil. As in too much clay, too much manure. Carrots will do the same if they are in stiff soil. The plant is not trying to avail itself to be eaten, just to survive.
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Thanks for your answer Hobit, but I don't think my soil is too "stiff" infact it is light and friable and is in a raised bed. They pull up easily, I'll be interested to see what the carrots look like, once they are a bit bigger.
We have had some funny weather this year that seems to be causing problems generally. My sweet peas, mange tout and beans are all late, my first row of radishes took well then stopped, they have now bolted. Slugs etc everywhere too in them.

I have had split veg in the past where they have hit stones, seen the stone stuck in the middle before now. But it tends to be odd ones.
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After a little more research, I think the splits are all down to uneven watering, IE allowing the crops to dry out too much between watering.
Although I've been watering at least twice a day, it's been drying out, like there's no tomorrow, with the current hot weather.

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Radish Root Split

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