Cat Droppings In Garden

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RocW | 18:48 Wed 27th Jan 2021 | Gardening
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There was an article in The Times last week talking about having a wormery in which you put dog droppings and the worms turn it into garden compost/plant food. It implied that this could not be used for areas where food crops were being grown. Our neighbours' cats have taken to considering that our (vegetable) raised beds are their personal latrine and I have been digging the results into the earth. Can anyone tell me (a) is this safe and should I stop it immediately (b) if it is not safe and I stop, how long will it be before I can grow vegetables in there again and (c) short of razor tape, dogs and a machine gun post, how do I convince the cats that they must go elsewhere - preferably in their owners' gardens? Don't get me wrong - i love cats and we have had one or more cats for the last 50 years but since the last one died, other cats have taken over the garden. Any advice gratefully received.


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Get some 1 metre scaffold mesh, poke canes into the corners of your raised beds.
Drape the mesh on the canes and secure it with cable ties.
Buy some lion poo.

I'm not joking. You can get it on Amazon, and no doubt other retailers.

It scares the bejaysus out of little cats, apparently.
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Thanks to all for your answers. At the risk of being told not to ask silly questions, isn't applying lion poo just swapping one lot of feline poo for another? Or is it only domestic cats that cause the problem? Weather permitting, I can try to dig up all the buried excreta but I am worried that some of the parasites might remain. I'll certainly invest in some mesh but it could be a case of shutting the stable door... Do these things have a finite life span?
Lion poo comes in pellet form. Garden centres sell it.
apparently it's a roaring success

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Maybe I can grow vegetables with pride?

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Cat Droppings In Garden

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