Houseplant With A Cascade Of Tumbling Foliage

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AndiFlatland | 01:09 Mon 07th Sep 2020 | Gardening
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If you go to the BBC website and call up an edition of the 2200 news (usually), there is a station ident before the programme starts, which has a series of panels showing coffee cups being filled with water. In the left-hand panel, in the background there is a lovely plant in a pot on a shelf, which has a cascade of tumbling foliage. Does anybody know what this plant is?


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I'm no expert on houseplants but I'll try to make it easier for others to provide an answer:

Here's an enlarged screen capture from the ident
and here's the actual ident
A good try Chris - I can't identify the plant but I doubt it's String of Pearls - i expect to be shot down but the foliage looks more feathery to me ....I'll give it some more thought :))
Chris why aren’t you in bed and asleep ? Or like me do you have a large furry person draped across you preventing any movement ??
I reckon they just chopped off the Jolly Green Giant's beard and stuck it in a pot. (Which is why he's always seen without it on the can.)
I would have guessed the hoya also...I just took too long trying to remember its name. Should be quite easy to care for.
The one you've seen is VERY mature.
My bet is rhipsalis. I have got one. could be a lepismium bolivianum...a type of jungle cactus

You can easily find cuttings for this or the hoya on eBay.
I got cuttings for this last year...growing but very slowly.
Pasta, the photo does no look much like the BBC one,
I'm offering possibilities danny. On my tablet the BBC one is not all that clear ...even the enlarged version.
The first photo on my link looks identical to the BBC one.

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Houseplant With A Cascade Of Tumbling Foliage

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