Fennel/Dill Plant Stumps

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chokkie | 09:57 Sat 15th Aug 2020 | Gardening
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I am having a devil of a job killing off the stumps and roots of a fennel/dill plant in my garden... no weed killer I have used so far go anywhere near. Any suggestions please ..... many thanks, chox


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Looks like a job for sleeves rolled up and digging the offending fennel with a spade or mattock.
The answer to your problem lies within your question .. Weed killers don't work on stumps. You can get a stump killer, but you would only use that on a tree stump, not on plants.
Chip has the right answer .. time to dig it out.

If I needed to use a weedkiller, the only one I would bother with is Rosate 36. It is a systemic killer and needs to be sprayed onto a leaf to work. It will also kill every other plant around if you let it overspray. It kills bindweed with ease, even if it's roots are 20mm thick.
A 1 litre bottle has lasted me more than 5 years and many have 'borrowed' a spoonfull of it over that period.

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Fennel/Dill Plant Stumps

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