Growing Grass For The Cat

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AndiFlatland | 21:09 Thu 16th Jul 2020 | Gardening
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I'm wondering if cat litter would be a good medium for growing grass?

I have no access to soil, since the landlords dug up our front garden and laid a sterile concrete slab for no obvious reason. The poor cat is now desperately searching for any blade of grass in the vicinity to munch on.


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why not just buy a grow bag ?
Look on amazon lots of grasses in pots and some dishes to also grow it in
We are getting something similar to these for our moggie. User Recommendation
Some soft grass and some catnip would be like cat heaven to them.
Kitty grass kits are available in pet shops,seeds online why not plant a low planter with catnip ( nepeta cataria is the variety you need). in the middle and a border of kitty grass
My neighbour uses a piece of Astroturf which she can clean as and necessary.
You could try some grass seed in a large pot or better still a builders bucket with a few holes in for drainage
No solutions, just thanks on behalf of your cat for trying to please him(her). Too many people treat cats as objects rather than sentient beings.

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Growing Grass For The Cat

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