How Can I Surreptitiously Get Rid Of Neighbour's Very Tall Leylandii?

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barmy | 15:39 Fri 31st May 2019 | Gardening
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The neighbour behind our house has some 20ft plus leylandii which have been there for as long as we have been in the house, some 25 years. I have to trim the overhang back every year to allow the flower bed beneath some chance but I notice that the leylandii are not in the best of condition. There is a rhododendron bush on their side of the fence which is slowly killing one of the trees , is there anyway I can speed up the process with the other trees to the extent that they will take the trees down themselves.

About 5 years ago we agreed to have the trees reduced in size but they have grown back and they don't seem to want to enter into any discussion about them now.



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Try asking again with a big smile and a decent bottle of wine - worked for me.
covertly drill holes sloping downward and fill with copper sulphate or strong weed killer. Plug the holes and disguise, add a new hole as and when.
As above, but substitute undiluted Jeyes Fluid.
I used Jeyes fluid some years ago but it didn't work. I got I think it is called glysophate and it certainly worked but it was my own leylandi.
Isn't there some by-law about neighbouring boundary tree height? I'm sure there is.
Interesting to observe which contributors are ready to advise in what could be called obnoxious/illegal/criminal conduct.
It's growing 20ft plus leylandii on your boundary that is the more obnoxious/illegal/criminal conduct, Karl. :-)
I always knew you were a secret Badlad NJ- that's why I like you ;-)
is it illegal, NJ? Then why not advise calling the police?
Caustic soda will kill them if you put it around the roots.
Why not stay on the right side of the law and let the law work for you, by using the ''high hedges act'' (2003)

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How Can I Surreptitiously Get Rid Of Neighbour's Very Tall Leylandii?

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