Moving Aquilegias

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tearinghair | 11:34 Sun 28th Apr 2019 | Gardening
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Sorry to bother you all again; I'm discovering the joys of gardening in my seventies, and need lots of help.
We have aquilegias (self-seeded) all over the garden. Some are just coming into flower, others are further behind. I love them, but they're not in the right places, and I'm thinking of transplanting them so that they're all together in their own spot. Would this work? And what sort of position would suit them best?


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I wouldn’t move them just now. Wait until autumn and then do it. Plants don’t really like being moved when they’re growing which is this time of the year. Good gardening!!!
Also they like a sunny position.
I agree wait until the Autumn (you can also collect the seeds late summer). I also have these self-seeded all over my garden and they are in every aspect from full sun, partial and have quite a few that come up every year in a North facing bed that never gets any sun,
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Thank you, I did wonder about the timing. The problem is that some of them are obscuring the bank of Heather's that I constructed a couple of years ago. But I will do as you suggest and try to be patient!
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Stupid predictive text! That was meant to be heathers. I don't know anyone called Heather.

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Moving Aquilegias

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