Problem With Aubrietia

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tearinghair | 14:53 Sun 10th Feb 2019 | Gardening
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Every year I try to grow aubrietia (aubrieta? - I've found both spellings),but it never takes. It must be the soil, I suppose, though gardens on both sides and opposite have gorgeous trailing displays in the spring. Our soil is excellent for heathers and lavender. Any suggestions for how I could persuade it to come and live with us, please?


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I too love Aubrietia but have never had it grow for longer than a few months, my soil is clay and despite adding lots of nutrients etc over the years it never seems to improve much. Which I knew the answer.
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Apologies for the late acknowledgement, I had to go out earlier without checking for replies. Thank you for the comments, I'd better find an alternative. Sedums seem to do reasonably well, but I do love the colour combination of late spring yellows with aubrietia. Will have to be content with admiring the displays opposite!
Just to add.
A sunny position preferable.
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We've had some trees cut down, which has increased the access to sun, but it sounds as though the soil problem will be insurmountable as I want to plant more Heather and lavender. Thanks everyone for your advice.

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Problem With Aubrietia

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