Wooden Garden Steps

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DC_FC | 13:05 Sun 01st Jul 2018 | Gardening
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I have some garden steps and something has been eating the steps, is there anything I can do to prevent it, it looks like something has been gnawing away at it, cant think what as no pets, maybe the birds or a fox.


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Treat them with creosote.
Creosote is supposed to be banned. (But I have a secret stash of the stuff.)
Might it have been rats that gnawed your steps? Is it possible to attach some kind of sheet metal to the gnawed bits?
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Did forget to say that they have been treated with either creosote or some fence paint, I suspect fence paint was used. Will look into using attach some sheet metal, rats is a possibility although I cant say Ive seen any evidence of them being here eg droppings.

Rats ate a large hole at the bottom of the side of my friend's garden shed. He managed to cover it with metal and so far nothing else has occurred. Definitely rats because he saw them.
Wasps made a huge hole in a neighbouring fence,it had to be replaced ,apparently they chew the wood up to line their nests.

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Wooden Garden Steps

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