Can Electricity Kill A Tree?

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vulcan42 | 11:42 Sun 16th Apr 2017 | Gardening
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My Embothrium,or Chilean Fire Bush, 20 years old, 5 metres tall has suddenly died. It was in perfect health last year and the only thing different is it has reached the electrical cable which goes from house to house. Could this have killed the tree? There's no sign of insect infestation or disease.


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Don't know about domestic electricity but lightning certainly can.
Is the cable uninsulated ? I'd have thought current to earth wouldn't be good for any living thing.

That said I've mature plants in my garden, or did have, that seemed fine one year but were gone the next. No electricity involved.
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Thanks for replying, I will contact my electric supplier for their thoughts.
As its not known to be a particularly long lived tree/shrub. it may just have died naturally.
Honey fungus? I lost a healthy cherry tree to it.
This week a street and an entire village near us are having the electricity cut off for seven hours whilst some branch lopping takes place. It is said to be necessary because the wires are touching some branches and is considered to be a hazard to persons coming into contact with the trees.

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Can Electricity Kill A Tree?

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