I Ordered Some Peranniuals From The Gardening Place I Always Get Them From

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lilacben | 16:50 Fri 04th Sep 2015 | Gardening
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and when they arrived a few weeks back they was very tiny...I have managed to pot them up and some died but thankfully alot didnt. My question is do I carry on growing them in the moment in my conservatory on the floor or put them pots.. or put them in the ground.? I was just thinking with winder coming if in the ground we will not know where they are and could be dug up.? Would anyone else be in the same situation .?


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What sort of 'perennials' are they?
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Think they are spring/summer?
Lilac.....I would be inclined to contact the supplier.....I've done this when plants haven't been up to scratch on arrival.....if they can't replace them they will advise you.....x
sigh....'Perennials are a type of plant - one that does not die off in Autumn but is 'perennial' (everlasting) There are literally hundreds of plants they could possibly be -look at the name on the plant tag.
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Retro if only... lol they are no tags..labels or anything on them and they are all different.! but thankyou .
I have been there and tried most methods and what I found worked best is to get them outside.... in their pots initially;
If you keep them in the conservatory much longer they will not "harden off" and will therefore not survive the winter.
If they are still very tiny I would recommend that you find yourself a cold frame and keep going there - with the top off until we have frosts at which point I would take the glass off during the day and put it back at night - until they are of an age where they can stand it!
If they are perennials of course they will cope well enough with frost once they are big enough to put out into the open ground.
I'm inclined to agree with Alzheimer here.
Keep potting them on, until they reach a suitable size.
Grow them in a sheltered spot outside, a cold frame would be ideal.

If they are herbaceous perennials, be sure to use a marker, so that you are reminded where they are, in their final positions.
I would check with garden place where you bought them as to what they are, because you can get all different heights of growth with perennials, and where they get planted will need to take that into consideration. I would keep them in pots (outside while the weather is warm) and wait to see what they are before putting them out. If they were 'plug plants' they do need potting on I find about 3 times until they are big enough to plant out.

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I Ordered Some Peranniuals From The Gardening Place I Always Get Them From

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