Exochorda From Seed

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cecil39 | 15:45 Wed 22nd Apr 2015 | Gardening
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I have grown four exochorda the bride from seed, they are about four inches tall now, I suppose they wont flower till next year, but I want to give three of them to friends, will they come like the parent plant or be a bit different? I would like to tell my friends what to expect.


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In our experience, the 'babies' were the same as the parent. Such a pretty plant, beautiful fragrance - every garden should have one!
As this is a garden hybrid, there may be some variation in seedlings but it may still be worth the wait to see how they turn out.

As an insurance policy, you could try some softwood cuttings in a propagator in summer, or better still, if you can find them, dig up some rooted suckers and pot them up to get a more instant result.
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thank you both, I have tried cuttings but with no success, so was quite pleased and surprised to get lovely sturdy plants from seed, the leaves look like those of the parent plant, so fingers crossed.

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Exochorda From Seed

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