Storing Potting Compost

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Ric.ror | 06:50 Sat 23rd Nov 2013 | Gardening
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I have found two large bags of seedling potting compost
The bags have split and some weeds have invaded - as might have slugs
If I re-bag in black bags and store in the garage will I eventually be able to use it and how long would I need to leave it


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As you've found the bags, it would seem a shame not to make good use of them, but as you suspect that pests and weeds may have gotten into the bags, I would feel inclined to use the compost as a mulch dressing around established plants in the garden.

If you use it in seed trays and pots, it may prove to be a costly mistake, unless you have the facilities to steralise the compost
As above...too big a risk to take
I'd use it. Seed compost has minimal nutrients anyway so come spring, i'd put most of my seeds in it.

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Storing Potting Compost

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