Yucca Gloriosa Variegata

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Ann | 21:40 Thu 18th Jul 2013 | Gardening
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I have a variegated Yucca in a huge pot on our patio. It is 20 years old but it has only tried to flower once - at the wrong time of year - in late November (silly plant, you can guess what happened - the frost killed the buds of the developing flower!)

I also have another Yucca about 15 years old also in a pot but it's plain and not variegated. Recently we have been absolutely delighted to see it flower for the first time and it is just magnificent at the moment.
It looks like this picture:

It has had exactly the same watering, feed etc as the other one on the patio, so do you have any ideas please on how to make the older one flower too? Many thanks!


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It should flower every year if the conditions are suitable, the trouble is the growing season in the UK are often too short.
Hopefully the hot weather of late will be to it's liking it may be encouraged to flower, so I think it's all in the laps of the Gods.

Best of luck with it, give it a good drench occasionally - Chip

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Yucca Gloriosa Variegata

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