Sending Berry Plants Abroad..??

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gordyagusta | 10:43 Sun 24th Feb 2013 | Gardening
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I have a friend in Indonesia, he would love to grow Raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries, etc but can't get the plants at home. Is there any restrictions on sending berry plants from UK to Indonesia, or alternatively can these plants be grown from seed? and if so where can i source the seeds??


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Unwins are the most well known for seeds etc - you may find them on here?
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Thanks for the link. I've had a look, they only have gooseberry seeds but it is a start.

I can get plants for all the types of berries he would like but i think there might be issues with sending them to Indonesia, something about sending 'alien' plants to other countries but can't find the information i'm looking for online...
I would also be concerned about the plants arriving in viable condition.
The customs laws in Indonesia may prohibit plants coming into the country (I'm just watching the Australian customs programmes and they certainly ban them). Perhaps best if your friend finds out locally from his own customs organisations?
amazon have got raspberry seeds
I agree with boxtops. Its likely that tight restrictions may be in force to prevent pests and diseases coming in on foreign plant material.

I'm not sure how well the plants that you mention, would do in humid tropical conditions, but some may be okay if some afternoon shade can be provided.

I think the best thing your friend can do is to try and find out where others are possibly growing these types of plants and perhaps ask if some cuttings or seeds can be taken.

Any soil on the roots would also be a problem

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Sending Berry Plants Abroad..??

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