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Ladybyrne | 10:20 Sun 03rd Feb 2013 | Gardening
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We had new close board fence panelling installed in our front garden about 3 years ago. It was already treated in a yellowy brown colour which has since faded to a greyish colour. I actually prefer the grey but wonder if the panels need treating to make them last longer. If so, how often do they need to be done? Would appreciate any advice as I am a complete novice when it comes to such matters. Thanks in advance.


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yes your panels will last longer if you treat them usually yearly there are a wide range of colours available at diy stores
It depends. Are the fence panels made from pressure treated wood, or dipped in preservative, or just sprayed? The youngest fence panels in my garden are 20 years old and they are never treated. The oldest are at least 26 years old and some may be older. The fenceposts get renewed because they are in the ground, but the panels (touching wood lol) are fine. Like you, I like the weathered look best.
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Thank you both for your advice, toymaker and woofgang. Particularly interested to hear that you don't treat your panels woofgang. We have concrete posts and gravel boards so maybe the panels themselves don't need much treatment after all. As far as I know the panels were dipped in preservative.
I think, you get what you pay for basically.

Probably best to avoid anything that says 'wood stain' because that's only about what it usually dose.

Theirs a lot of different products on the market, but the best I've found is 'Sadolin' expensive but it should last several seasons.
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Thank you Chipchopper. I've heard of Sadolin and even if it's expensive it will be worth it if it means I don't have to treat the panels every year.

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