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EcclesCake | 09:44 Thu 28th Jun 2012 | Gardening
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My onion sets of gone straight to flower without the bulb developing.

Is this due to the lousy weather or a bad batch of sets.


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Not sure but you should snip all the flowers off and let the goodness go down to the bulbs. They might recover yet.
according to this you should have removed any stems as soon as they appeared

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OK, thanks for that.

I've never had trouble with them running to seed before or at least not until much later in the season. They've been in a good while and there has been somewhere between no and little development on the onion itself.
You may have fertilized them with a high nitrogen mix... which will cause fast flowering... just step on them to break them over and they'll still develop the bulb.

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Growing Onions

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