Begonias ..... are they drought tolerant?

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Ann | 09:03 Wed 14th Mar 2012 | Gardening
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With a possible hosepipe ban coming into the East Midlands I am considering what to grow in all my pots and hanging baskets this year (or even whether to bother!) I tried Begonias last year the trailing kind and they looked nice. I watered them well as I watered my bedding most nights but would they withstand drought conditions? If so, I will plant up most of my garden with different kinds of Begonias. Any advice appreciated please.


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No, Ann they need water. My neighbour forgot to water mine while I was away 10 days last year and they really suffered.
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Oh thanks that's disappointing, a friend told me differently but I thought that was wrong advice! Back to the geraniums then - they are real "toughies!"
Begonias are reasonably tolerant to lack of water but I usually go for Pelargoniums (Geraniums) they usually keep going even when very dry.
Cacti ?
sedums, portulacas, sempervivums, some of the mesembryanthemums are all hot weather specialities
For a very ignorant person (me) can you put the common names please rowan.
creeping fleshy things (Sedums) sun roses (portulacas) , houseleeks, (sempervivum) and the mesembtryanthemums (livingstone daisies)are a range of fleshy leaved daisy plants that open in the sun and close in the shade

I agree, pelargoniums are really good for dry summer weathers. Just have to look at them in the mediteranean....
Hi Ann,
I agree with rowanwitch. I live in Sussex and we're expecting a hosepipe ban soon. I put in Mesembryanthemums a few years back and they still look lovely. You see them growing wild along roads and hillsides throughout the Med especially in Greece. They get no attention and thrive well. Good luck with whatever you choose.
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Hi Janbee - I love bedding plants -mesembryanthemums and used to grow them but sometimes if a dull Summer they hardly open. Also I thought they were annual? I think there are some flowers that look similar to the bedding variety which are more hardy - the name escapes me at the mo, they grow well in the Channel Islands but there are only usually pink and magenta colours.
Don't forget Gazanias too....they love it dry !!!!!
I packed my hanging basket with begonias last year and the tubs were filled with geraniums, purely because they need so little water, I only water my baskets twice a week, and pots once a week (if they are lucky), and I had a really lovely show. Heavy frost has taken my geraniums this year,so will have to re-stock but normally I can leave them out all year, just cut them back.
You can still use watering cans during a hosepipe ban, so grow what you like.

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Begonias ..... are they drought tolerant?

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