Isn't there 'anything' that will rid me of black spot?

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Old Salt | 16:28 Sat 10th Mar 2012 | Gardening
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For years and years I have tried just about everything I can think of, read about, and even tried various methods suggested by various garden centres.

And still, not matter what I seem to do, every year, just as my roses begin to grow, black spot spreads like wildfire and spoils the dream.

I grubbed-up all of the old roses last year, and planted eight (not cheap) different types. There was a little just before I cut them back at winter, but soapy water sprayed onto the leaves seem to stop the spread. After a few days, I removed all the leaves and took them to the tidy tip for disposal.

I usually get really nice flowers, even in spite of the the black spot.

I sure could use some suggestions as to how it would be best to proceed. I don't really want to grub these up, but, will consider anything.

Thanks to anyone who my be able to help, I really am at the end of the road for ideas.

Old Salt


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You didn't plant the new roses in the same spot as your old ones did you?
That might account for it still being present in your new ones. If it's any consolation I've tried for ages to clear it away from my roses - I don't have it anymore as I moved house a couple of years back and I don't have a garden per se but I have roses in large containers. You will have to keep on with the good plant hygeine - picking up any dead leaves, clearing away all prunings and preferably burning same if you can, and using any suitable sprays if you really want to
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Thanks for the response nungate,

and the advice seems sound and logical. I don't have much choice about planting, as I only have an 88x55 foot garden.

Moving house is something I haven't considered, as yet. Especially, as when I retired from the Navy, I moved here in 1976, and as the Navy had a habit of moving me every year or two, I swore I wasn't going to move ever again (and I sincerely hope I can keep that promise)

Old Salt
As Nungate says your soil could be suffering from rose sickness, a term used when planting a rose where another rose has been before.

Many years ago black spot wasn't a huge problem as we used coal to heat our home, create electricity and industry wasn't as 'clean' as it is now. The air was full of sulfer which prevents black spot.

That is the basis of shop bought black spot control. So spray away the black spot, though you do need to keep up with it. ;))
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Thanks for the response Lillymoon

Guess it's the only game in town, so, guess I'll just...................."Keep on keeping on....................."

But I still haven't ruled out, moving house
Old Salt
I love roses. I spray mine all the time with Roseclear, which seems to do the job. I also do all the other things suggested. You have to keep going with them as soon as you see it. It also gets rid of aphids. I promise you I haven't got shares in the company.
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Thanks Starbuckone

I just got in from the garden centre. The young fella that advised me really didn't strike me that he knew what he was talking about. Anyhow, he gave me something that, "Always seems to work for my customers."

So I'll give it a go and if it doesn't work, try your Roseclear -- I'm grateful that you took the time to reply -- and good to know you don't have a vested interest in Roseclear --- however, if it works, I wouldn't care one jot

Old Salt

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Isn't there 'anything' that will rid me of black spot?

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