Winter flowering Jasmine

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malana-3 | 22:59 Sat 18th Feb 2012 | Gardening
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I have a pot grown winter flowering jasmine trained up a trellis. Advice please as to when and how hard it should be pruned. Any other advice regarding feeding and good care would be appreciated. Thanks.


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prune after risk of frost, and feed well througout Spring!...........should be fine!......
Set your plant in a sunny window out of direct sunlight in a room that preferably doesn't get above 65 degrees. Temperatures above this will inhibit the plant's ability to flower. Jasmines love humid conditions, so don't place it near a drafty window or vent. You can add humidity to the air by placing the plant on a pebble bed filled with water. Allow the soil to dry just slightly between waterings. Apply fertilizer every two to four weeks. Prune as necessary, but do not prune after August. This is when the plant starts to set buds for winter flowering gardening.

In order for jasmine to bloom, it needs four to five weeks of cooler (40-50 degrees) night temperatures. Give it plenty of indirect sunlight in the day and a complete absence of light at night. This includes artificial light. Around January or February, you should see, and smell, a plethora of fragrant flowers.

Winter jasmine is the tough yellow one just prune after flowering as hard as you like feed well and don't let it dry out during the summer

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Winter flowering Jasmine

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