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bleedingvalve | 21:27 Sun 20th Nov 2011 | Gardening
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Hi folks, I dont post very often. We have a small fishpond in our garden which my family and I love but its got a problem with duck weed. How do I get rid of this as it spoils being able to see the fish.

Many thanx


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Can you not just pull it out?
Hi Boxtops, bleedingvalve is aka Mr Wingnut so as his wife I will answer for him ;o)
(.... plus it's quicker for me to answer without 20 questions of "Which box do I type in" and "where do I click to see my answers??" lol)

Think he is wanting more of a preventative measure as he is always pulling it out. He has poor circulation in his hands so it makes it quite painful having his hands in the cold water esp at this time of year.
Many thanx
Use a fine mesh net on a long stick and scoop it out. No fish in the pond I assume?
With the colder weather on its way the duckweed will die down soon.
You've just got to keep up with it. Can be a nightmare
Unfortunately the duckweed will die down for the winter so it is difficult to get rid of it now,but in the Spring you need to get a fine mesh net and as soon as you spot any you need to scoop it out but keep it up, you only need to leave one bit in for it to multiply
I use an old nylon kitchen sieve tied to a length of bamboo, works a treat.
Just keep dragging it out and use it as compost.
One of my friends uses one of these to keep his pond clear from duckweed, it's very effective but does need emptying once a day...

Duck weed is a symptom of other problems. Your pond is not ecologically 'balanced'. You need to establish the correct quantities of fauna, flora, light, oxygen, nutrients, etc.

I suppose buying a duck isn't an option?
putting a duck in the pond would not balance the pond. If anything it would send the nitrate and ammonia levels soaring. Best idea to help out with the duckweed is a couple of small koi or grasscarp plus if the pond is in full sun a little shade would be handy.
When I had a Koi pond in a previous house I used to wear special elbow-length rubber gloves - well worth the money.....
sorry - not elbow. they used to reach almost to the shoulder...

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duck weed problem

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