Are little tomatoes tough ?

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modeller | 20:24 Sun 14th Aug 2011 | Gardening
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I grow at least 6 different varieties of tomatoes each year and I notice that the smaller the variety the tougher the outer skin. I first thought the growing conditions , too hot, too wet etc was the reason for this but I think
its more likely to do with the tomato size. What do you think ? Have you noticed the same thing ?


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Grow them outside? I find outside-grown can easily be like this.
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Mine are in a greenhouse .
I have 4 different types of tomatoes - none of them are tough so I am not sure why you are experiencing this - what variety are they?
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Last year it was the little Sungold and this year it's the Sweet Million.
Lovely taste but I and my grand daughters always spit the skins out.
The Sweet Million is a heavy cropper there must be 70+ on the plant.

I think you are right Albags, outside ones ripen late and grow slowly.
I have been asked to pass this on to you modeller (from a very reliable source, I can tell you!).

Dry or very hot summers tend to produce thick skinned tomatoes, because of extreme heat fluctuations. Even if you're watering the garden regularly, when the sun is hotter, and the air is hotter through the days, it can result in thicker skins as the plants try to conserve moisture.
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Thanks it makes sense . I do try to keep the temps resonable . I always open the door first thing in the morning . What I can't understand is why it is the little ones that are affected . I picked a mixture of 8 this evening and they were all lovely tasting but it was the little ones that had the tough skin.
I suppose I should emphasise its not the thickness but the toughness .
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Are little tomatoes tough ?

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