Growing red onions

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scrummyyummy | 12:58 Wed 15th Jun 2011 | Gardening
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I'm not at all garden savvy but I have decided to try my hand at growing some veg this year. I've planted some red onion seeds in a small pot and they have grown like spring onions so far (the green bits are tall and look like spring onions). The pot looks too crowded and I want to plant them outdoors with more spacing between them. Do I just pull them out individually and plant them out? The green bit looks tall but very thin and fragile. In fact, they are so tall and thin, they've all flopped over. Is that normal and will they thicken up? Can I cut them off to make them shorter and use them like chives? Please don't laugh as I really don't know anything about growing veg!


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Sure... just gently pull up the whole bunch (water thoroughly first which helps prevent damage while moving them) and seperate them into individual plants. Plant them in well worked soil with very little fertilizer (if you insist, make sure the middle number is the highest number such as 3-9-4 which is ideal for bulb plants) and water well but not overly. Don't plant them to deeply... just barely over the roots and about 4 to 6 inches apart.. Full sun please...
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Thank you, Clanad, for the helpful tips. Do I trim down the green growth (and I can use it?) or just leave it to flop over?
Just leave it... the only concern in growing onions is if they shoot up and produce flowering seed pods. If that happens, simply step on them to break them over, don't cut them...

You could eat some of them, but they probably wouldn't have much flavor at this stage...
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Ok, that's great. Thanks again!

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Growing red onions

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