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maggie01 | 15:58 Thu 05th May 2011 | Gardening
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I was thinking of getting a water butt as I am on a water metre and I do like my garden.

I have one major problem in that I do not have a drainpipe in the back garden. I have one in the front but wouldn't want a water butt out there.
Can you just re-cycle water from the house ie. bath water etc.


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Yes, I remember a few years ago, we would get our garden hose filled with water and lock off the ends, then put one end in the bath water and the other in a tub outside, and whilst someone held the bath end under the water, open the the and and syphon the water out of the bath.
ps, Open the bath end also of course.
In theory, yes. In practice, you may find all that old "used" water, left to it's own devices becomes rather unpleasant eg scummy, greasy, smelly etc. But perfectly OK to use directly from the bath etc.
Have you a garden shed or outbuilding you could run it off?
What about your shed, maggie, if you have one.

We did have our water butt taking the rainwater off our bungalow roof, but it was far too much and kept overflowing. So Mr. Den moved it to the shed and now it works a treat. Though its as dry as a bone at the moment with no rain..(:o(
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Yes! I have just had a new shed erected. I will have to get someone to put some guttering up and use that. Thanks
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You can use the run off from baths and sinks just remember to fit an overflow to take the excess back into the drainage system.

To prevent the build up of scum and smells in the water butt treat with Jeys fluid on a regular basis, even normal run off water butts require some sort of treatment or you will just be creating a stagnant pool in your garden that will be a breeding ground for mossies and other pesky bugs. This is from personal experience!!!
Whilst our water butts are empty we put the plug in whilst using the shower, and then use a bucket to water the garden with the saved water. You will be surprised what a difference it makes to the plants. We have also got a run-off from the washing machine water which goes into a bucket and is emptied throughout the washing cycle. Again this is put on the garden.
Hi Maggie01 May I suggest Wilkos from the following link...-very good price for this butt.

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