Which radiator valves do I need?

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billscouser | 17:16 Wed 26th Jan 2011 | DIY
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I know absolutely nothing about DIY and have bought a towel radiator on ebay that does not include the radiator valves which I presume will be required. The supplier sells several types and has a choice of angled or straight. I don't know which I need. It is intended to replace an 800 mm wide radiator in the bathroom. Currently there is one valve on a vertical pipe at one end of the radiator - a horiontal pipe runs from this underneath the radiator and attaches at the other end. I will not be fitting this myself but the person who is wants me to supply all the parts and I am not able to get in touch with him to discover the answer to my problem. Can anyone help?


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With a regular towel rad Bill, there's no reason why you shouldn't re-use the valves you have (probably angled valves), but............ assuming the towel rad has bottom rather than side entry, then straight valves would look neater. It should be quite logical to work out. It all rather depends on which way the pipework is "looking at" the existing rad.......... could you post a pic?
Your other decisions would be ............. do you want a Thermostatic Rad Valve (TRV) for more control, or a manual valve.
Also, if the towel rad is chrome, you might like chrome valves.
Bill - are you thinking of installing it yourself?
Only a person that is plumbing this in will be able to tell from the pipework layout.
He/She will look at whether 15mm pipework or other.
Angled or straight rad valves, and if you wish to use a TRV on it (because you could)
Usually, if the pipework runs are horizontal (below) the rad, you will need 15mm angled valves. (One 15mm angled lockshield and one 15mm angled valve OR angled 15mm TRV)
Be sure the pipe size matches the existing hot/cold pipework.
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I think I would like chrome valves. I am definitely not installing it myself. Will post a picture soon
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Sorry to be thick but how do I post a picture here?
I don't think anybody here (with respect) can give you much advice for your needs without eyeballing it themselves. You need to find a local reliable plumber to give you a quote for install
Make sure the towel rail is not used as heating system bypass, if it is, don't fit TRV just standard rad valves

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Which radiator valves do I need?

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