What would cause one side of a double plug socket to stop working?

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bushbaby_de | 15:23 Sat 27th Nov 2010 | DIY
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When I moved into my flat in 2006 I had a new kitchen done, which included new electrical wall sockets. On one of the double sockets, one side of it has just stopped working but the other side still works fine. What could have caused this and how can I fix it please? Thanks


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are you sure it is the socket and not the fuse in the plug
The sides are riveted together inside. Could be a connection there .. Change the faceplate.
The plug pin grippers could have weakened due to a connected appliance (high wattage) that has bad contact/dirty pins. Take apart faceplate and repair .. or replace faceplate and check plugs you insert.
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folly - definitely the socket because when it wouldn't work i just moved my blender to the other own and it works now.

AIBags - thanks for info, will print it off and give to husband to follow instructions!
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On an AC socket, if live and neutral connections are reversed, any appliance plugged in will work, but it will have its fuse connected to the mains neutral instead of mains line. If a fault from the wrongly applied 230v to earth develops in the appliance, the fuse in the plug, connected to mains neutral voltage, will be totally ineffective. After you put out the fire, you may realise that reversed connections are not really a Good Thing.
AlBags - You have given advice which is not in accordance with IEE Wiring Regulations (BS 7671).

It is dangerous advice and in light of such, I have felt it necessary to report your post, sorry.

Naz x

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What would cause one side of a double plug socket to stop working?

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