Tile before or after shower fitted

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katdarn79 | 10:01 Tue 13th Jul 2010 | DIY
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Hi, I dont have a shower fitted at the moment and was wondering do i tile before of after i have it fitted? Also which causes the least damage in means of the walls electric of mixer shower? Many Thanks


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If it's a mixer (hot AND cold supplies) ............ usually fit it first. Pipework and valve fixed in place......... but with the final trim or fascia left off. (That's the bit that goes on last to cover up the ragged ends of tiling.)
Tile and grout including around the valve. Finally fit the cover trim.

If it's electric ............ fit cold supply with "tail" left sticking a couple of inches out of the wall. Same with the cable (but with more sticking out so you can make the connection later. ) ............. Tile and grout.............. then fix the shower to the wall, connect cold supply and cable.
............ with the mixer .......... I was assuming it was a "built-in" valve.
If it's a surface mounted one then do as the electric unit .......... fix it last.
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Hi, sorry to be thick but where does the mixer shower hot and cold connections fit to, ie bath or hot water tank as my tank is no where near the bathroom. Thanks for your quick reply
OK Kat............... assuming it's a gravity system (cold tank in roof.......... hot cylinder in airing cupboard) ............. take H & C supplies from under the bath and rise to the shower unit ( "T" fittings connected to bath tap supplies)
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Thank you so much that answerd my question brilliantly!! Get it now mixer shower it is, Thanks again Kathryn
I'm no expert Builder but I thought it was normal practice to take the cold water supply to a gravity fed mixer valve from the cold water tank. That way you get equal pressure hot and cold to the valve.

Cold water to the bath is normally mains pressure and mains pressure cold water would suppress the hot water at the valve.

However, I stand to be corrected.

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Tile before or after shower fitted

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