Removing kitchen floor tiles laid by previous owners

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Cyphere | 18:30 Wed 05th Aug 2009 | DIY
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I want to remove my kitchen floor tiles but will it be a nightmare? I'm fitting a new kitchen and want to remove the floor tiles as they have been fitted on top of the original floor by the previous owners and fit around the old cabinets which are in a different position to the new cabinets.


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Looks like you won't have much choice if the cupboards are different.
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Yea forgot to say it's ceramic tiles on a concrete floor. What is the best way of removing the tiles?
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Yes....hammer and chisel. It's not too difficult but get some gloves and eye googles.

Get yourself a bolster chisel (there are various widths available) and a club hammer. They'll make the job easier and quicker.
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Removing kitchen floor tiles laid by previous owners

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