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Robinia | 13:18 Tue 14th Jul 2009 | DIY
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Can someone tell me the official name of this type of bolt please, I'm sure it must have one.
Where have all the old fashioned hardware stores gone?...the nice man in a brown overall & a pencil behind his ear would know what I meant by 'twisty, bolty thingy' (even if it hadn't been invented).


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lol Zac...thanks a lot! :o)

Hi Robinia, If you need to get one of them 'twisty, bolty thingies' as you call them try B & Q they sell them. Take a look at the link and scroll down and I think you will find what you are looking for. Put the link into the search bar at top of page and it will work. urity/Door+Security+Accessories
Robinia Hi. It's called a rack bolt - according to screwfix, that is. check this out click You don't even need the key if you scroll up a bit, there's a brassy knob thingy.
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thanks shedman - love the name, do you hide away in yours like men do?
...and thanks to you too speak my language I see -brassy knob thingy. I'm off to the diy store tomorrow with my sister & we can knock 'em out with our extensive diy knowledge :o)
HI Robinia, yes the name came from me liking to go into the shed away from everything. No one argues with me in there. The only place I am the BOSS. Well the other half lets me think so anyway LOL.
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pffffft....blows dust off shelves & dons brown overall...

Welcome to the hardware shop...if your nuts have fallen off and your whites are as grey as your roots....if you need a thingy for a watsit or a bung for your doo-dah then this is the place to be...I had a manager lined up but he's obviously still getting the sand out of his mankini so I'll do my best 'til he gets back. Sorry about the smell of paraffin I've just lit the Aladdinette...I'll give everywhere a squirt of this week's top selling freshener...

I don't think the manager is planning on coming back, ha ha!
You don't sell Sagger makers bottom knockers do you Robi </b

Night Night All see you tomorrow
oh, a new abode, and so secure. Well, I've just had new locks on all my doors and windows so I know the feeling.

Now which one was the butler's pantry?
oh it me or have we gone all posh???
I think we've gone all posh Woofy This writing is so small I can hardly see it how do I make it bigger? Or can't I!
I meant the writing in the answer space.!!
Goodness, I see what you mean, Jude... well, I can if I peer at the screen very closely
Where are we!!! Oh dear!!! I can't find us on AB. I have to go back to the email and click on the link there.
I give up!!!
Oh my goodness ,what's happened .I'm all confused .I can hardly see what i'm typing .I'm got my nose practically on the screen .
Have you got any candles and a magnifying glass amongst the nuts and bolts Robinia ?
And where's the preview your answer and edit biti gone ?
They must think we all have 20/20 vision.
ah ha ha - found you - oh yes this is my type of shop, love hardware and nuts and bolts. In fact today I wanted to buy some chicken wire and for the life of me couldn't remember what it's called in Spanish so if I haven't remembered by tomorrow there'll be charades and a lot of clucking going on in Sta Eulalia!
Isn't that a Bramah lock??
Can't seem to do Bold anymore as in our names
Oh my god, I had a headache already before I came on...

Jude and JNO, ou can "magnify" your screen by pressing CTRL+ i.e. both those keys at the same time. Repeatedly, if you want to - the size will go up step by step. If you want to go back to normal (?) just press CTRL-

You can do that on any site.

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