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TD9man | 21:29 Wed 01st Jul 2009 | DIY
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Instructions for using Trustan 40


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Zac is almost correct... but press lever A whilst holding down button 'R'... not 'P'...

Pressing button 'P' will result in the thrust flang warping around the edges, which means the electrometer reading will not be accurate...
Remember also to only use it outdoors or in a well ventilated area. If lever A becomes hard to push, chances are the gear ratio is wrong. Use a wrench to adjust the coil length while ensuring the synchronistation wheel is set to P if this is the case.
Sorry to go on about it, but you need to press button 'R' not 'P'...

But press 'P' if you want... and see what happens...
Zacsmaster is right.

But don't forget to wear safety goggles & you can't eat dairy products for a week afterwards.

Something about spontaneous human combustion.............
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Isn't it annoying when you buy a Trustan 40 and is has no operating instructions?
What a div
I heard about someone pressing button "P"

Occupational Health & Safety got involved!
Doesn't it make a helluva noise when the electrometer reads =?

It always starts all the neighbourhood dogs howling!
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The 'butterfly effect' may also occur if button 'S' is 'pulled' rather than 'pushed'... try holding your grommets together for a few seconds to minimise this...

Or get yourself a Trustan 40(a)... much more reliable...
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I used to have a Trustan 30.

But the flanange kept flooding when it rained, so I had to sell it. I do miss it though as it was bright orange & chrome!

zac... it is false economy buying the '40' model... as the '40(a)' has hit the market at the same price... and has the upgraded 'bumphukkit' bracket - which allows for maximum pressure without foregoing flexibilty...
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I'm sorry guys but you've totally confused me. Can you start again?
Jan... let me simplify it for you...

Oh... I can't... it has to be this complicated...
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