Can anyone advise on removing paint from external wood?

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Le Chat | 21:11 Fri 23rd Jan 2009 | DIY
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We have a decorative frame around our front door which has several coats of white paint on it.

The frame is wooden and I want to take it back to wood to get a new primer coat and finish the job off nicely.

Has anyone any suggestions on what is best to remove the existing paint? It is now splintered and showing several layers in places.

I was thinking of a heat gun and elbow grease but someone has suggested NitroMor to me.

Am I on the right tracks or is there a better way?

Thanks for any advice.


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Either way..........Cat Person.......................if the paint is really thick.........Nitromors will take ages. Better to use a heat gun/blowlamp with a scraper to lift off the layers...........then use Nitromors to remove the last traces.
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Can anyone advise on removing paint from external wood?

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